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European oak floor... Wood you?

Our strictly selected wooden floors are unique, artisan and first choice French oak. Every plank has his own different knots, irregularities and hand-made characteristics. The enduring warmth and beauty of these wooden planks make you feel directly at home.

Patterns and sizes

Herringbone, Versailles, Hungarian point or classic wooden floors? We can offer all types you desire.

Classic size planks are usually 19 by 190 centimeters. A century ago, narrow strips were very popular because they are perfect for small rooms. They are still ideally suited for modern, cottage or contemporary designs.

Wide plank flooring radiate a sense of luxury and richness. They are very suitable for large rooms or open floor spaces.

It's also important to consider the width of the planks depending on the size of the room. Mixing sizes can give a unique and little twist to the design.

Think about the grain or knots you desire. Would you rather have a clean and modern interior or do you want to show its character and tones?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all those choices and options, remember that we are happy to help.

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